13 Brutal Wedding Night Photos Shared By Husband

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Not every couple starts with the action even before they reach their bedroom. Some like to get comfortable before they start making their wedding night memorable. And that is exactly what is happening in the photograph below where the bride is still in her wedding dress and waiting for her husband to be all attentive towards her but he started taking pictures of her to make the night more memorable. From the look that the lady has on her face, it is clear that she is anxious to have her man in her arms and we hope that the night was great.

Bride in bed

1. Wedding Basher

This photo looks like it has been taken from those times when there was reel, as the photographer would have never gotten this photo out if he knew it had been bombed with an uninvited guest in the background. When the reel must have developed, then they would have known how one of the beautiful pictures have been ruined with a half-naked man in the background. It undoubtedly must have become a hilarious memory for the newlywed couple.

naked man bombing the wedding couple photo

2. Upside Down

A wedding is a big decision of life, and at some time you can feel your whole world turning upside down, but this couple took that to a literal meaning by having a picture showing them both upside down. We are sure the photo was taken in the right way, but either the photographer or the couple thought to get creative and edited the picture to make it look like this. The bride and groom’s faces even look creepy.

upside down picture of bride and groom

3. Wedding Traditions

You all must have seen many different wedding traditions, but this one you must have never seen before. We are not quite sure what is happening here, but whatever it seems to be a form of entertainment for everyone at the wedding. The old man is the bride’s father and the buy touching his legs is the groom. We guess before the groom gets his hands on the bride, he has to get hands on the father in law as well. The groom is sure having a good laugh out of it, but the father in law doesn’t look so happy.

groom touching father in law's leg on wedding

4. Ways of Going Viral

This is the funniest picture we have seen so far, and you’ll also have to agree this is one of the best photobombs you have seen. This may be hilarious, but one should know it’s not a beautiful thing to ruin someone’s wedding photo shoot like this, we are guessing this was not taken on a DSLR otherwise the photographer would have deleted the image as soon as he saw the man in the background. They would have found out when the picture got developed. What this man did was wrong, but it got him viral on the internet for sure.

naked man bombs wedding picture

5. Groom weds a Doll

You all might have heard cheesy couples calling each other Doll. Usually, the guys do it. This guy must see his bride as a doll, as he has gotten her edited as one in their wedding picture. Now if this isn’t creepy then what is? Also what is up with the guy’s soaking wet tuxedo? Looks like found his little doll bride so beautiful that he fell in some water nearby with excitement.

man with doll bride

6. Chicken Customs

Did you know that in some cultures it is mandatory for the bride and groom to release chickens off a bride to keep the bad spirits away? Well, this couple looks like they come from one of those cultural backgrounds. But instead of throwing the dead chicken from the bridge, they are throwing it up in the air. Also, we wonder why they chickens have been skinned out like that? They could just have been dead. Well, we guess there are few things we’ll never understand.

bride and groom throwing chicken in air

7. Riffle Wedding

If you have been around weapons, then you would know its suggested to never point a gun at someone, but this old grandpa here doesn’t go by the rules. He has got his rifle pointing directly towards the bride and groom, who look extremely frightened by it. The old man must be a gangster relative of the bride, who is giving a lecture to the groom about not messing with his girl otherwise he would kill him with the same gun in his hands. Lesson Learned!!

old man with rifle in wedding

8. Wedding Cakes

We have seen many strange things happening at weddings, and we have seen so many different weird cakes, but this tops all of it. What kind of celebration is done with a poop cake? Either this couple thinks of them as shitty people, or they have some creepy obsession with poop, which explains why they are so happy cutting a cake which looks like poop. Also, it’s not even that cute poop emoji, but an actual poop looking cake. We bet no guest would have even taken a bite of it.

popp cake

9. When Unexpected People Marry

This would have been such a good picture if it had not been bombed with the sign in the background. The person holding the board which says ‘Achievement unlocked, Obtain a Wife,’ must be a friend of the groom’s who thought his nerdy friend would never be able to get a wife. But to his surprise he did, and to show his shock he brought this board to the wedding. We hope this wedding works, and he never has to unlock a divorce achievement.

friend with a board on wedding

10. Sealing a Kiss with the Dolphins

Everyone wants to make their wedding kiss memorable, and this couple surely did a good job by having their kiss photographed with the dolphins in the background. At first, we thought the picture is photoshopped, but looking at it closely made us realize its an actual photo with the dolphins. The image must have been perfect if the groom had even dressed up nicely.

wedding kiss with the dolphins

11. Couple Chewing Their Wedding Rings

It’s hard for photographers to make wedding photoshoots unique as there isn’t so much one can do with the bride and groom. This photographer here tried to do something which isn’t so cliche as well, so instead of clicking a picture where the couple shows off their rings in a contemporary way, he made them put the rings in their mouth instead. The photographer should have known instantly when the picture came out like this, that it’s a bad idea, but he somehow went on with it and published the image.

bride groom chewing their wedding rings

12. Too Much PDA

The kind of thing this couple is trying to portray in the picture, is called ‘pony play’ an intimate act which some people are fond of. But this kind of stuff happens behind closed doors, and not during wedding shoots. We are all open-minded, but not this much that we accept an act like this saying it’s perfectly alright. This picture is one appropriate image to even look at. We get they have sexual fantasies, but why show it to the world by capturing it on camera. Their faces tell us that they both are a couple of creepy fellows.

weird couple doing pony tail position on camera

13. Father Daughter Moment

On every wedding its a must to have a special father-daughter picture, as its a big day for them both. This photographer wanted to capture one beautiful moment like that only, but this picture looks inappropriate rather than beautiful. The sister and father of the daughter are tying the bride’s wedding dress, while she is posing for the camera. This whole image could have become a sweet memory if only the father had a shirt on.

shirtless father tying daughter's dress

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